About Nicole Lavallee

Nicole Lavallee, CPM, LM, LMT dreamed of becoming a midwife since the age of ten, and has taught and supported women in childbirth since 1992. She was certified as a Bradley Childbirth Educator in 1993, as a doula (labor assistant) in 1998 through ALACE, and as an EMT in 2001. More recently, she graduated from Southeastern School of Massage in 2012 and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Nicole was trained as a midwife under a traditional apprenticeship model, and is currently certified as a Licensed Midwife through SC DHEC and a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives. She is also former Assistant Director of Jamaica Birth, an educational program committed to providing birth practitioners with a comprehensive variety of clinical experiences.

Her foray into birth activism grew naturally over the years, alongside her work with pregnant and birthing mothers and their families. Her insider’s view of the patriarchal obstetric system, which damages as many mothers and babies as it saves, has fueled her escalating involvement in this facet of maternal-infant health.

She has three homebirthed children, now grown, and was privileged to be present for the hospital birth of her adopted daughter. She has attended well over 350 births as midwife, apprentice, birth assistant, labor support and photographer in homes, birth centers and United States and Caribbean hospitals over the years.

Nicole currently practices in South Carolina, focusing her efforts in the Midlands under Three Rivers Birth Services, while still serving a loyal following on the coast under Coastal Birth Services.


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